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The performances on the world stage have grown more violent and frightening. It is nothing less than disturbing and our minds can not seem to stay out of fear and worry. We are filled with a noxious mixture of anger and grief that creates a despairing cloud around our hearts. How can we feel these emotions, stay centered and move through the heartache and suffering?


As within, so without…

A concept that is not fully understood, not easily attained and in the real world, just plain cliché. 


However, as happenings around us spin madly out of our control and we are left feeling helpless to the collective creation of bleakness, we can no longer leave our internal world vulnerable to external circumstances. We need to Be in the space right behind our thoughts and deep inside our hearts. A place where the nonstop thoughts that stir anger, resentment, anxiety and fear are silenced; and peace and calm ceaselessly exist. In this place, our emotions are not stifled but are able to progress without judgment or a showy expression. Perfection found in the lawless beginning of everything. This is where humanity must retreat, into a soul-based hibernation to reboot. A stronger connection to our inner world must be cultivated. A bridge must be built, so that we may move from a stabilized center and more effectively manage our day to day lives.


How do we get from racing around, eating on the run, meeting deadlines and the endless needs of others to moving from a stabilized center and effectively managing our time, focus and energy?




When we hear the word retreat, we think of an army withdrawing from enemy forces as a result of their superior power, possibly even defeat.

Yet, Retreat is a Latin verb meaning “to pull back.” It is different from the act of running away or avoidance.

When we are overwhelmed and feel like we are losing the fight, pulling back from the World is a strategic move that can allow us to regroup and re-energize. Ultimately, it creates space for inspiration, which translates “to breathe in.” Inspiration leads to a new perspective and a new plan of action. Rather than all your energy fanning out in countless directions, you are pulling it all in to focus on nature, yoga, food, meditation, silence and/or your spirit. The options are literally endless.


When was the last time you stepped out of your structured, scheduled day to day life and spent all day noticing the vibratory quality of your breath?  


When was the last time you were a Human Being rather than a Human Doing?


Ok, so you retreat. You are out of reality, feeling really peaceful and finding it is easy to be Zen. But what happens when you return to the Real World?


Most retreats enable you to practice new habits without distractions. These practices can be used to help us navigate our real lives that are riddled with distraction and ensnarled with complication. New habits must be practiced in order for them to become practical and useful. Coming home you will most assuredly feel the erratic external world entangle your peace, and it will eventually strangle it completely, unless…. you bring your new habits home with you and practice.


First, acknowledge how you are feeling in each moment. Be present.

Secondly, center and use responsibility, translated as “ability to respond.”

The result will be more resilience, clarity and effectiveness in day to day life.


Real tools, Real application, Real lives.


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