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Class Schedule

Breath, Mantra & Mudra

Sunday mornings 9-10:30 beginning October 20th

Classes will consist of a series of postures, breath, and sound that work toward a specific outcome. Practicing will initiate a sequence of physical and mental changes that affect your body, mind, and spirit simultaneously. Each class will have a different effect and will work on all levels of your being. Individual classes are $16 and 4 packs are $48.

Practical Plant Medicine

Learn to love your pits and support your lymph October 20th 11-1

This workshop will take you on a journey through the physiology and detox pathway of your pitties. You will learn to support your lymph system with herbs and skin brushing. You will pamper your pitties with a detox mask and treat them to an aromatherapy salt bath. You will walk away proud of your pits and ready to be on top next time you hug!

In exchange for $40, you will enjoy an endless cup of herbal tea to support your lymph system. You will learn how to body brush and why. You will be provided with your very own skin brush and, if you are not too shy, an opportunity to practice. You will make a detox mask for your armpits and kick back while it goes to work. You will make your own himalayan salt deodorant, with a large variety of essential oils to choose from for flavor.



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