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"You helped me so much Jeannie Wright on multiple levels: physical, emotional, interpersonal, and spiritual. Each time I got off your table I was a changed person and inspired. Your touch, massage experience, love, and attuned listening skills are masterful and so appreciated. Here is a short poem I wrote for you:

Slipping Away

So relaxed on her massage table,
My eyes opened ever so slightly,
toward her,
a blurred Madonna.
Under her hands, my mind finally quieted,
I slipped away into bliss.

Lori Nunnally, February 2019"

"Jeannie Wright gave me the best massage I've ever had. I feel terrific! The perfect combination of therapeutic and relaxing. Jeannie located muscles that had forgotten they were supposed to move - and she got them moving. Thanks, Jeannie, I'll see you soon!"        


"Jeannie is an amazing massage therapist. She can find exactly what is tight, or out of place and release incredible amounts of stress. I always feel TONS better after a massage with her. If you are thinking about getting a massage with her, do it. You won't regret it."


"I love the attention to detail, pressure and her overall technique! I've not thrown my back out since seeing her, and her massages help combat a long list of prenatal symptoms! I feel relaxed after each visit but more importantly, to me, I know I am getting a therapeutic experience each week! Plus Jeannie is so kind and sweet, knowledgeable, interesting and professional!!"      


"Jeannie is the best! She finds those spots you didn't even know hurt and gets them to relax. I always feel wonderful after a massage with Jeannie. She's a gifted healer, pure magic! Love her!"                                                              

"I  had a sore lower back for months, due to who knows what- working out, getting older, genetics, all of the above - whatever! So I signed up to get a massage with Jeannie. Not only did I get a marvelous neuromuscular massage, afterwards Jeannie showed me stretches I could easily and quickly do on a daily basis that would help to keep my muscles, tendons, fascia, etc. in their  proper places.They really made a difference. My lower back pain is gone and I feel great! It takes me no more than 5 minutes to stretch and I am once again a convert to stretching, especially after exercise. My body thanks me and I thank Jeannie!"


"I love working with Jeannie, she is a skilled massage therapist and a great person too.  I have seen many massage therapists over the years to help with my posture and general tension in my back.  Hands down, I have gotten better results working with Jeannie then anyone else.  She really knows how to target and work on specific muscles that provide immediate relief. In addition, she recommends stretches and yoga posses that reinforce the progress made in massage therapy."


"If you are looking for a great therapeutic massage, look no further. I first went to see Jeannie when my Dr. suggested massage for the excruciating neck and head pain I was experiencing. I didn't think massage would help. After my first session with Jeannie, I woke up the next morning without nausea for the first time in 2 months. After my third session I woke up with no pain at all. Now when I go to see Jeannie it is for a nice relaxing massage, and those are great too. She has an extensive knowledge of the muscular system and knows exactly where to therapy. The fact that shes very nice doesn't hurt either. I have recommended Jeannie to friends and relatives. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs/wants a great massage."


"Jeannie is an amazing therapist. She is a skilled, knowledgeable, sensitive and therefore powerful. But there's more. Far from simply relieving the immediate symptoms of the pain I was in, she taught me to take on a different relationship to my 'condition' and she has empowered me to take responsibility - in a very real, practical way - for my ongoing health. In this way she has has had more of an impact on my well-being than any of the many therapists and practitioners I've visited in the last five years. I wholeheartedly recommend her to you. And I'll offer a piece of advice for getting the most from her work. Do the homework (and don't cram the night before)!"

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